Cape Naturaliste College ensures that our personal items lists are carefully considered to ensure that both value for money and the weight of your child's schoolbag are kept at optical levels.

As with other schools in the region, we have decided to adopt a ‘BYOD’ policy, asking students to provide their own device. Our Information Technology infrastructure has traditionally centred on the Apple iPad platform, but in 2019 we will also be allowing Apple Macbook and Windows PC devices.  For details on suitable devices please refer to the minimum specification requirements in the Connect Information Booklet.

We wish to stress that the device does not necessarily have to be brand new, however, if the device is not listed, it is not supported and cannot be used at the College. The iPad will need to have Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and the Connect Backpack app installed. All are available from the App Store. Macbooks and Windows laptops will need to have the Microsoft Office suite installed.  This is provided at no additional cost by the Department of Education. 

Please refer to the BYOD FAQ Link below for further information.


For a student to be truly engaged in their learning they must participate socially, academically and intellectually in their schooling. Further to this is the need to attend school on a regular basis. As a college, we encourage all students to maintain regular attendance of 90% or above. Attending school regularly helps students to further develop their confidence, social skills, resilience and teamwork.

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